I grew up in the retail paradise of Plano, Texas. It’s a land of doctors, Cowboys, and insane stacked highways. After spending high school playing music, I went to college at the University of North Texas in Denton. Just to make it even harder to find a job upon graduation, I majored in English Creative Writing, and minored in Japanese and History.

After college, I moved to Nashville, where I worked as a copywriter before deciding to pursue a work in freelance videography. I worked on some reality shows and two movies, made many of the early projects featured on this site, and then settled into more predictable employment doing far less interesting things like legal videography and real estate photography.

It was one fateful day, shooting portraits for a kids basketball team, that I realized I had to do something more meaningful. I moved to Denver, got a Masters in Marketing from the University of Colorado Denver, got married, bought a house, and tamed two wild beasts named Gizmo (pictured above) and Pirate.

Through everything, I’ve had a compulsion to create. From the early days of emulating the Forgotten Realms fantasy books I adored as a kid to starting the wildly successful* Spooky Noodle podcast with my brother, creating something out of nothing has always been an energizing force in my life.

The pages of this site are meant as a blog and living portfolio, a way to collate the disparate creative pursuits of my life.

If you want to chat, you can reach me at jonforisha@gmail.com.