Bullish On Love

Background: Over the past year or so, I’ve been toying with game creation. I like the idea of creating a game except for the tiny fact that I have zero programming ability beyond HTML and CSS. Falling back on my writing background, it seemed like writing a quest was a great place to start. And […]

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From Above Camel Hill

Sci-fi novel, 87,900 words. Summary: The small town of Camel Hill is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, and nothing interesting happens there. Until local legend and corn maze auteur Bill Grabathy finds an asteroid, which happened to bring a murderous alien down with it. Opening night of Grabathy’s Maze is […]

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Scathed: A Spider Story

You can play Scathed here. Background: My brother Josh and I have been running a podcast, Spooky Noodle, for about three years. It consists of us making up and telling each other absurd scary stories. Always looking to expand our vastly strange SN universe, we decided to start making video games. We both picked up […]

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