Bullish On Love


Over the past year or so, I’ve been toying with game creation. I like the idea of creating a game except for the tiny fact that I have zero programming ability beyond HTML and CSS.

Falling back on my writing background, it seemed like writing a quest was a great place to start. And what better game to use as my canvas than the infinitely-moddable Skyrim?

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 7.57.56 PM


This quest concerns a forbidden love between a human and a minotaur, and is set in the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil, an area not actually created in Skyrim but only alluded to. Once the simple quest is conquered, this forbidden love opens the door to an entire hypothetical minotaur quest line in the Nibenay Valley.

The impetus for this was the fact that minotaurs were eluded to as being holy and hyper-intelligent, but Elder Scrolls games only show them as violent enemies. What if, thought I, they were actually just hiding their intelligence so everyone would leave them alone?

Thus we have Galaruus, the strong and wealthy minotaur with a poet’s tongue, and his girlfriend Kredellia, a tiny Imperial woman convinced that she’s in love.

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