Why Marketing Needs Content

“Content” has become a buzzword, and not just in the marketing space. It’s in my job title, it’s the name of the team that I’ve built, and it’s a word I say and write dozens of times a day to mean a half dozen different things. It’s a marketing term that is so ubiquitous nowadays […]

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Friday the 13th is Not Good, Parts V-VIII

Like the camp counselors in their prized creation, the filmmakers wanted out. They wanted to escape the superhuman grip of Jason Voorhees, and they wanted to get on with their lives, maybe to make a movie about aliens since those were all the rage in the 80s. They just couldn’t do it, though. Jason kept pulling them back in, grabbing them right out of that dinky little canoe and dragging them into the foggy waters of Crystal Lake.

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Quarantine So Far

Sometime in mid March, coronavirus finally came to Colorado. We’d been hearing about it for weeks, and it had already been declared a global pandemic, but those words are terrifying when combined and no one knew exactly what that meant. I rode the train to work, and in the last few days that I went […]

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An Examined Life

In the recent resurgence of Stephen King adaptations, the famous author has actually been doing an interview here and there. I’ve long been a fan of King’s, and find it especially fascinating how good of a writer he is despite also being a household name across multiple American generations. Often talent and notoriety have an […]

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Bullish On Love

Background: Over the past year or so, I’ve been toying with game creation. I like the idea of creating a game except for the tiny fact that I have zero programming ability beyond HTML and CSS. Falling back on my writing background, it seemed like writing a quest was a great place to start. And […]

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