My favorite and only brother loves scotch and overcast weather. Myself, I enjoy a good whiskey but hadn’t really waded too far into the scotch pool, mostly because of its typically-higher price tag, and because I had no idea where to start. As for the weather, I like a good storm but can’t complain about […]

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Our Ecuadorian Honeymoon

When Caitlin and I were planning our wedding, we knew we didn’t need more stuff. We’d already been living together for a year and most of the essentials – the stuff that most people stick on a wedding registry – were covered. Instead we started to wonder what kind of awesome trip we could go […]

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Aventuro 1-10

Background: I love to travel about as much as I love playing with cameras, which is good news because the two really go together well. I started a YouTube channel called The Human Octopus, gave it a cool logo, and dreamed up a future involving a Human Octopus Studios or something of the like. It […]

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A Photo a Day

Background: As you may have gleaned from this website, I like taking photos. I’m not sure I’m a particularly great photographer or anything, but I really enjoy the process. To me, photography’s the perfect marriage of creativity and technology, and fiddling around with cameras will probably always be one of my favorite pastimes. Going into […]

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Background: I moved to Denver during the summer of 2015, and pretty quickly missed my film dork friends from Nashville. Having a group to bounce ideas off of, no matter how insane, is a rarity and something I always crave. I posted on reddit, looking for like-minded creators, but didn’t have any luck. Finally I […]

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The Caterers

Background: This was my last short film in Nashville. Over the previous few years, I’d gradually collected a group of actors that I liked working with, and I’d recently met a producer named Emily Steele who I worked with to make this. It was one of my only solo productions in Nashville, and it kept […]

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Not a Time Machine

Background: As of this writing (May 2018), I’ve participated in and completed four 48 Hour Film Festival entries. They’re normally a disaster in some respect – that seems to be part of the charm of the 48 Hour Film Festival – but having the 48 hour time limit is also a nice impetus to go […]

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Background: My filmmaking crew in Nashville started joking about a series of insane balls-to-the-wall action comedies from the ’80s called Hellcopter. What started as joking turned into “we should make a mockumentary series looking back on Hellcopter.” Inspired by Troll 2’s documentary¬†Best Worst Movie,¬†we thought it would be hilarious to stage something similar for a […]

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Background: In 2012, Kickstarter was all the rage, and this is my only successful Kickstarter project. My other attempted Kickstarter, Houseboat On Terror Lake, didn’t even come close to making its goal and we pulled the plug early. This one, though, had a realistic goal of $2k, most of which was needed in order to […]

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