Aventuro 1-10


I love to travel about as much as I love playing with cameras, which is good news because the two really go together well. I started a YouTube channel called The Human Octopus, gave it a cool logo, and dreamed up a future involving a Human Octopus Studios or something of the like.

It didn’t happen (or at least not yet?), but I did use the channel to feature a series of short travel videos, which were mostly just me bringing my GoPro along and setting the resulting footage to a song I either really liked at the time or a band specific to the areas I was in.

I called the series Aventuro since that’s Esperanto for “adventure,” and I liked the poetic accessibility of Esperanto for a travel series. These videos are purely for fun, and now that I’ve been doing them for a few years it’s kind of nice to look back and reminisce, both about the trip and the process of stitching the video together.

I’m sure I’ll shoot more of these going forward, so this is a post to lump together the first 10 episodes. You can see them all here, and I feature the 8th here because I think it’s one of the better ones – mostly because Seattle’s EMP Museum is amazing.

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