Nurture Email Campaigns

A core part of The CE Shop’s marketing efforts is a robust email presence. Anywhere between 8 and 12 million emails go out each month, and many of them are sale related. In 2017, we were dreaming up new ways to engage with leads and envisioned an expansive nurture campaign that relied on content marketing instead of promotions.

Now, there are still promos in there, but for the most part these emails are meant to tell more about the company, tell more about our products, and help leads make the decision to purchase. This campaign was specifically for our Pre-Licensing products, which are our longest and most expensive courses, and are what anyone who wants to get their real estate license must first take. As such, it’s the starting point, and we knew we had to make a good impression.

The above screenshot features just a few of the 18 emails that eventually built out this nurture campaign. Writing them was just the first step, and they went through several rounds of design before we had to tackle the headache of how and when to trigger each email.

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