My favorite and only brother loves scotch and overcast weather. Myself, I enjoy a good whiskey but hadn’t really waded too far into the scotch pool, mostly because of its typically-higher price tag, and because I had no idea where to start. As for the weather, I like a good storm but can’t complain about […]

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Our Ecuadorian Honeymoon

When Caitlin and I were planning our wedding, we knew we didn’t need more stuff. We’d already been living together for a year and most of the essentials – the stuff that most people stick on a wedding registry – were covered. Instead we started to wonder what kind of awesome trip we could go […]

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A Photo a Day

Background: As you may have gleaned from this website, I like taking photos. I’m not sure I’m a particularly great photographer or anything, but I really enjoy the process. To me, photography’s the perfect marriage of creativity and technology, and fiddling around with cameras will probably always be one of my favorite pastimes. Going into […]

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