When I joined The CE Shop in 2015, ebooks were a goal to someday work toward, but not something that had already been produced. Our tiny six-person marketing team was busy refreshing a whole website that consisted of hundreds of pages, and anything resembling content marketing was still a ways down the road.

Since the company created and sold real estate education, the big exciting product was Pre-Licensing, which could essentially turn any Joe Schmo off the street into a licensed real estate agent. Working in real estate is a dream for many, and an exciting entrepreneurial prospect, but the problem is that most people have no idea how or where to start. Even once licensed, the next step to grow their career is often not clear.

One of our first ebooks was Assembling Your Sphere of Influence, which taught agents how to reach out to the people that were already in their lives. By appealing to friends, family, and even the people in your kid’s PTA, you can be sure that everyone who knows your name also knows that you’re a licensed real estate agent. Once they’re ready to purchase a new house, guess who they’ll think of first?

In the years since this ebook, we’ve created many dozens more, and they became a key part of the ongoing content marketing strategy.

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