My filmmaking crew in Nashville started joking about a series of insane balls-to-the-wall action comedies from the ’80s called Hellcopter. What started as joking turned into “we should make a mockumentary series looking back on Hellcopter.” Inspired by Troll 2’s documentary Best Worst Movie, we thought it would be hilarious to stage something similar for a franchise that never actually existed.

We also split up each entry in the Hellcopter canon, and actually wrote the feature-length scripts. You can read about mine here.

Andrew, my main filmmaking compatriot in Nashville, was the only one as enthusiastic about actually making Hellcopter as I was, so he and I charged ahead and made four episodes that total a little over half an hour of footage.

After we finished editing those four episodes, we’d kind of run out of steam and left it where it was. This is the first of those four, and I still think it’s the best thanks to Corey Perry’s hilarious “12 Years a Salad” riff, and his absurd line read at the end. You can watch all the Hellcopter episodes here.

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