I moved to Denver during the summer of 2015, and pretty quickly missed my film dork friends from Nashville. Having a group to bounce ideas off of, no matter how insane, is a rarity and something I always crave. I posted on reddit, looking for like-minded creators, but didn’t have any luck.

Finally I came across a guy who just moved to Denver from Florida, seemed to be into the same movies, and who really wanted to create more things. We met up and conceived of starting a collective YouTube channel that we could build into something big.

Another group in Denver was attempting a similar thing, so we joined forces with them and called ourselves Bad Pixels Productions. We got too many members too quickly, and then one of our main organizers moved away so nothing really came of the group, but Date is the one short that I made with them.

It’s a goofy short about a ghost falling in love with a living human, and the actor I had play the ghost was totally off-the-rails. He was so into improv that most of his written lines were ignored, and I went with it to see how the other actor would react. It made for a crazy day of shooting.

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