Parachute Dingos


I was 22 and had just gotten some new film equipment. Inspired by the can-do spirit of indie filmmakers like Joe Swanberg and the Duplass brothers, I wrote a short film script about a guy running into his ex-girlfriend at an ice cream shop.

The whole goal was to film it in one take, which was something I hadn’t tried before. It took some inventive movements and blocking, but in the end it worked out. My friend Andrew nailed the sad-sack ex-bf writer character, and this was the only time I worked with Raquel before she moved out of Nashville.

Looking back, I wish I’d had better audio (the hum of the ice cream shop is super annoying) and have no idea what happened to the color correction (it looks like an early-aughts music video), but it stayed true to the original idea so what more could I have asked for?

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