Website Redesign

I joined Engrain as the only marketing person, and for a primarily B2B company there were a lot of marketing projects to be taken on. One of the biggest was the fact that the website didn’t accurately show off the product, which at the time was SightMap, interactive software that could be loaded on a large touchscreen and show off a housing community or apartment complex.

I worked with a few freelance web designers out of Boulder, and over the course of a few months we rebuilt the website. All words and images were by me, and even though I’ve been gone from Engrain for over two years, my redesign remains. The video I created for the homepage even features my wife’s hands.

The launch of the site was an immediate success. Our sales team had somewhere to direct people, something that felt on brand and could successfully show off the product. We put it on screens at trade shows, used it to gauge interest, and captured more leads than ever before.

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