I left The CE Shop in 2017 and went to Engrain for the better part of a year, but it wasn’t a fit. In summer of 2018, I came back to real estate education, and while dreaming up ways to take The CE Shop’s content marketing efforts to the next step, I did some research.

In 2018, there already existed quite a few real estate podcasts. None were made by direct competitors, and the ones that did exist were more like talk radio than anything you could put on for bite-sized learning. The existing ones were long, often focused only on investing, and seemed to be largely dominated by males. In an industry that’s over 60% female, it seemed like they were missing the mark.

My goal with content marketing is always to humanize the company and to make complicated topics more digestible. Starting your own business in a new industry is definitely a complicated topic, and my idea for a company podcast was to produce two episodes a month – one was a one-on-one interview with an industry expert and the other would be a shorter episode focused on a given subject.

The first episode went live in 2018 and featured The CE Shop’s founder and then-CEO. It was a conversation about real estate in general, and the importance of entrepreneurship and giving back. As of 2021, Shop Talk: The Real Estate Show has nearly 30k listens and over 60 episodes.

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