My favorite and only brother loves scotch and overcast weather. Myself, I enjoy a good whiskey but hadn’t really waded too far into the scotch pool, mostly because of its typically-higher price tag, and because I had no idea where to start. As for the weather, I like a good storm but can’t complain about […]

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I left The CE Shop in 2017 and went to Engrain for the better part of a year, but it wasn’t a fit. In summer of 2018, I came back to real estate education, and while dreaming up ways to take The CE Shop’s content marketing efforts to the next step, I did some research. […]

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Our Ecuadorian Honeymoon

When Caitlin and I were planning our wedding, we knew we didn’t need more stuff. We’d already been living together for a year and most of the essentials – the stuff that most people stick on a wedding registry – were covered. Instead we started to wonder what kind of awesome trip we could go […]

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Hello and welcome to my site. This main page is a running blog about my life and things, and on the right you’ll find a menu that can transport you to my various creative pursuits. By day I work as a marketer, but I spend my free time making the things that populate this site. […]

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Website Redesign

I joined Engrain as the only marketing person, and for a primarily B2B company there were a lot of marketing projects to be taken on. One of the biggest was the fact that the website didn’t accurately show off the product, which at the time was SightMap, interactive software that could be loaded on a […]

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From Above Camel Hill

Sci-fi novel, 87,900 words. Summary: The small town of Camel Hill is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, and nothing interesting happens there. Until local legend and corn maze auteur Bill Grabathy finds an asteroid, which happened to bring a murderous alien down with it. Opening night of Grabathy’s Maze is […]

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Scathed: A Spider Story

You can play Scathed here. Background: My brother Josh and I have been running a podcast, Spooky Noodle, for about three years. It consists of us making up and telling each other absurd scary stories. Always looking to expand our vastly strange SN universe, we decided to start making video games. We both picked up […]

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When I joined The CE Shop in 2015, ebooks were a goal to someday work toward, but not something that had already been produced. Our tiny six-person marketing team was busy refreshing a whole website that consisted of hundreds of pages, and anything resembling content marketing was still a ways down the road. Since the […]

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Aventuro 1-10

Background: I love to travel about as much as I love playing with cameras, which is good news because the two really go together well. I started a YouTube channel called The Human Octopus, gave it a cool logo, and dreamed up a future involving a Human Octopus Studios or something of the like. It […]

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Nurture Email Campaigns

A core part of The CE Shop’s marketing efforts is a robust email presence. Anywhere between 8 and 12 million emails go out each month, and many of them are sale related. In 2017, we were dreaming up new ways to engage with leads and envisioned an expansive nurture campaign that relied on content marketing […]

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