Drama comedy, 103 pages. Log Line When Bret’s girlfriend leaves to teach English in Korea, he quits his job and spends one last weekend with her in Nashville, where they both try to introduce some sense of purpose into their lives. Summary Bret and Clara met working soul-sucking jobs at AutoZone in Memphis. Clara quits, […]

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Houseboat On Terror Lake

Horror comedy, 88 pages. Log Line When some college kids take their dean’s houseboat on Terror Lake as a prank, they become the target of a murderous mad man. Summary A group of horny college kids hate their vice associate dean, so they steal his houseboat as a goof and take it out on Lake […]

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The Gang Does Butt Shots

Spec episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 29 pages. Log Line When the gang finds some kids pouring liquor into each others’ butts, they’re disgusted but mostly intrigued and decide to learn more.   Summary Two teens are butt-chugging in the Paddy’s bathroom. The gang is fascinated, and decides it could be good for […]

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Nashville Death Party

Horror comedy, 89 pages. Log Line When Nashville’s reputation as Dinner Party City is threatened by a homicidal maniac, one washed up cop and a group of twenty-somethings fight back. Summary Everyone in Nashville loves dinner parties; it’s just always been that way and it’s what the city’s known for. Randy and Stephanie are planning […]

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Background: In 2012, Kickstarter was all the rage, and this is my only successful Kickstarter project. My other attempted Kickstarter, Houseboat On Terror Lake, didn’t even come close to making its goal and we pulled the plug early. This one, though, had a realistic goal of $2k, most of which was needed in order to […]

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Andrew Jackson Barbarian

Background: In 2012, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter came out. It was probably exactly what you’re thinking that it was, and Badass Digest (now known as Birth. Movies. Death., the blog component of wonderful film dork chain Alamo Drafthouse Cinema) hosted a contest. The contest was to see who could make the best fake movie trailer, […]

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Parachute Dingos

Background: I was 22 and had just gotten some new film equipment. Inspired by the can-do spirit of indie filmmakers like Joe Swanberg and the Duplass brothers, I wrote a short film script about a guy running into his ex-girlfriend at an ice cream shop. The whole goal was to film it in one take, […]

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