The Caterers

Background: This was my last short film in Nashville. Over the previous few years, I’d gradually collected a group of actors that I liked working with, and I’d recently met a producer named Emily Steele who I worked with to make this. It was one of my only solo productions in Nashville, and it kept […]

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Not a Time Machine

Background: As of this writing (May 2018), I’ve participated in and completed four 48 Hour Film Festival entries. They’re normally a disaster in some respect – that seems to be part of the charm of the 48 Hour Film Festival – but having the 48 hour time limit is also a nice impetus to go […]

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Bloody Fires

Comedy horror, 100 pages. Log Line: While Isaac throws a disastrous college graduation party, a voodoo cult decides to expand its annual ritual. Summary: Isaac and girlfriend April try to throw a fun party, but the only people that show up are Isaac’s ex, her friends, and a few of Isaac’s old roommates, who are […]

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Background: My filmmaking crew in Nashville started joking about a series of insane balls-to-the-wall action comedies from the ’80s called Hellcopter. What started as joking turned into “we should make a mockumentary series looking back on Hellcopter.” Inspired by Troll 2’s documentary¬†Best Worst Movie,¬†we thought it would be hilarious to stage something similar for a […]

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The Coffee Shop

Spec TV comedy pilot, 32 pages. Log Line Waide hires an ex to work at his coffee shop, which is being checked out by the health inspector thanks to a rival across the street. Summary Waide has put his ghost hunting days behind him and opened a coffee shop employed by a gang of misfits, […]

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West of the Mountains

Spec drama TV pilot, 43 pages. Log Line Kat gets a new job with a cryptid-hunting organization in a town that’s being hunted by werewolves. Summary Carter is a small town in the Appalachians. Kat starts a new job at a mysterious company, and is brought into the fold faster than anyone planned once headless […]

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Drama comedy, 103 pages. Log Line When Bret’s girlfriend leaves to teach English in Korea, he quits his job and spends one last weekend with her in Nashville, where they both try to introduce some sense of purpose into their lives. Summary Bret and Clara met working soul-sucking jobs at AutoZone in Memphis. Clara quits, […]

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Houseboat On Terror Lake

Horror comedy, 88 pages. Log Line When some college kids take their dean’s houseboat on Terror Lake as a prank, they become the target of a murderous mad man. Summary A group of horny college kids hate their vice associate dean, so they steal his houseboat as a goof and take it out on Lake […]

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